Miscellaneous items

Miscellaneous items
Baetis Lake Fly Rod Holder... Baetis Lake Fly Rod Holder... 2
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Very light steel rod holder for carrying fly rods, ideal for lake and reservoir fishing, when it is necessary to have several rods mounted with different types of lines (floating, intermediate, hover and sinking) and different choices of flies.An essential accessory for competition fly fishing in lakes and reservoirs from the shore.
Amadou sheet DVX Devaux Amadou sheet DVX Devaux 2
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Fly floatant

Amadou sheet DVX Devaux

Amadou is a natural ultra hydrophilic material (which absorbs moisture) which is by far the best for drying and dressing artificial flies and giving them a new, fishy look.This soft and ultra light material does not damage them and leaves nothing on the fibres.My personal choice as a professional fly fishing guide in rivers and lakes.
Dr. Slick Hat Keeper
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Caps and hats

Dr. Slick Hat Keeper

A handy accessory when fishing from a boat and wearing wide-brimmed Sombrero hats, which are bound to fly off as you make your way from one fishing spot to the next.

Dr. Slick Tool Keeper

A useful little accessory for attaching tools to your fly fishing vest, jacket, tackle bag or chest-pack.
Dr. Slick Net Holder Magnet
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Landing nets

Dr. Slick Net Holder Magnet

Dr. Slick Net Holder Magnet is an essential accessory for wading landing net users suitable to a wading vest or jacket fitted with a landing net attachment D-ring on the collar.Prevents losing your landing net and allows you to have it at hand without any inconvenience.
Explorer Tackle Line Dragger Explorer Tackle Line Dragger 2
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The Line Dragger from Explorer Tackle is a tool for tightening knots without hurting your hands.The skin lesions generated by the tightening of knots are often long to heal, especially when operating in marine environment.Ideal for the construction of predatory and saltwater leaders, both temperate and tropical waters.Allows for optimal tightening of...
Fishpond Bottle Holder ccommodates most Dry Shake bottles type ie TMC Dry Shake, TMC Dry Dip, Loon Top Ride, Loon Easy Dry

Aquasure 2x7g Wader Repair FFE

The industry standard for maximum strength repairs to wet suits, dry suits and all watersports products.Thats why this is the best choice for repairing your waders.Flexible urethane formula waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion.
Guideline Foldable Carbon... Guideline Foldable Carbon... 2
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A wading stick is more often than not an indispensable aid when wading powerful rivers, especially when the bottom is strewn with boulders.It is a lifesaver when the river has to be crossed again in unfavourable light conditions and/or when the flow increases (beginning of a flood).In general, it is very useful in all fast waters with rocky bottoms, to go...
Guideline Stream Thermometer
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Guideline Stream Thermometer

Knowing the water temperature, whether you are operating in fresh or salt environment, is essential for the understanding of fish behaviour and to adapt your technique and fishing depth level.The Guideline thermometer is an indispensable aid in this respect.
To protect your reels from shocks and various aggressions (impacts, sand, dust, etc.) during transport (boat, car) and to protect the lines/leaders from UV rays when not fishing.

The Mayfly Mug Guideline

The order May¬flies (Ephemeroptera) consist of over 3000 known species world wide.The word may¬fly is also used for the large species Ephemera Danica and Ephemera Vulgata in Europe.The annual hatch of these gives you a good chance for trophy trout and that is probably why we love them so much. .
Guideline Clip-On Magnifier...
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The perfect aid for anglers with who struggle with close range eyesight.Great if you do occasional close-up work, like changing your fly or untangling ´wind knots´....Our Guideline Clip-On Magnifier Glasses are available in two different versions, +2.0 and +3.0 magnifying rate, and they also offer a flip-up function so you do not need to remove them all...
Polarized sunglasses

Guideline Eye Wear Strap

A no frills lanyard or retainer to keep your sunglasses safe and within easy reach when not in use.Black color with white Guideline logos and sliding adjustable clip.Each end of the strap has a circular/tubular form where the end of the temples are mounted.
Loon Hook Hone
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Loon Hook Hone

For sharpening hooks (in the event you don’t want to miss fish).Fact: you’re more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife.Another Fact: you’re more likely to miss fish with a dull hook. Think about it: your fly has a ton of opportunities to become dulled even if the hook was sharp when it left the manufacturer.Why not put your fly in the best condition...
Miscellaneous items

Loon Grafitolin Ferrule Wax

Helps minimizes the chance of breakage through regular lubrication, allowing a rod to assemble easily while keeping the attachments strong.

Monomaster Waste Line Holder

The Monomaster is a nifty little eco-friendly gadget designed to store waste nylon monofilament and other fishing line.It stores pieces of used line out of harm’s way and thus keeps both the environment and your vest pockets and tackle boxes clean and tidy.No more nasty surprises in your washing machine, either!

Doohickey® Fishkey™ Key Tool

Nite Ize
The Nite Ize DoohicKey FishKey Key Tool has a fun fish-shaped design that features a bottle opener, serrated edge, and screwdriver. With its attached S-Biner, you can always keep this useful tool conveniently accessible.
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