Fly line care

Fly line care
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Cortland's Fly Line Cleaner is the perfect complement to clean, maintain and improve the performance of synthetic lines, especially the New York State brand, but also most synthetic lines.
Loon Line Cleaning Tool
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Fly line care

Loon Line Cleaning Tool

A cleaner line means a better cast and more fish.The Line Cleaning Tool features a sheepskin pad and two hardwood blocks hinged together to create the perfect vessel for applying a line cleaner like Line Speed or Streamline.
Fly line care

Loon Stream Line

A combination fly line lubricant and floatant, Stream Line is perfect for a quick, on the water fix for dirty or old fly lines and allows for further and smoother casts.
Fly line care

Loon Line Speed

Positively the best line cleaner, conditioner, and UV block for fly lines.By cleaning, adding a slickness, filling in imperfections and protecting lines from the sun, Line Speed allows lines to cast farther and last longer.Unlike most line cleaners, Line Speed doesn’t leave a sticky, dirt gathering silicone fluid coating. Apply with Loon’s Line Cleaning...
Fly line care

Omnispool LineCarebox

A complementary accessory to the ingenious Omnispool Switchbox systemTo be used with a line care product such as SA Fly Line Dressing or Loon Line Speed/StreamLine
Optional snap on Arbor Spacers offer a choice of two larger arbor sizes; useful for smaller fly lines and now popular amongst conventional anglers storing and switching braid lines in particular. 
Omnispool’s Arbor Spacers for the Omnispool system speeds loading and reduces line memory from tight winding. Spare fly lines are spooled, stored and packed, not to mention accessibly tangle free when you need them, in a jiffy. Easily snaps into your Omnispools (sold separately).
Fly line care

RIO AgentX Line Dressing

Keep your fly line slick and cleanRIO AgentX is a product to apply on the line with cloth pads (like RIO Wonder Cloth).It is necessary to let the product dry before smoothing/polishing (see video N°2) at least 5 minutes, but ideally 24 hours.
Fly line care

RIO AgentX Line Cleaning Kit

A handy cleaning kitKit including the product to apply on the line with the included pads (Wonder Cloth).It is necessary to let the product dry before smoothing/polishing (see video N°2) at least 5 minutes, but ideally 24 hours.
2-pack of specialty-made cleaning pads for cleaning your Scientific Anglers lines (with the associated products Fly Line Cleaner and Fly Line Dressing), but also all other synthetic lines.
Imbedded dirt on the surface of fly lines, retains water which causes them to sink, proper cleaning restores fly line performance.
Fly line care

Snowbee Line Slick

A silicone-based fly line lubricant which reduces friction and resistance through the rings, allowing faster line speed at all times.Helps protect fly lines from damage and harmful effects of chemicals.For floating lines only.
Fly line care

Tiemco Flyline Revitalizer

Revitalizing your used fly lines.A new proposal for dressing a fly line.Many on the market just claim to give slickness to a fly line.But this one does literally revitalize your floating line to float longer, to be smoother and suppler.TMC Revitalizer will keep your fly line staying on the surface many times longer than any.
Fly, leader & line sinkants

Tiemco Sinking Line Dressing

The Tiemco Sinking Line Dressing degreases any surface and ensures better sinking behaviour of any fly line or leader.A must for stillwater sub-surface fly fishing, with a team of flies or a single pattern.
Fly line care

Umpqua Fly Line Dressing Box

A useful little accessory to clean and grease your fly line quickly at the water's edge.To be used with products such as Tiemco Conditioner, SA Fly Line Dressing, etc.
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