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Lamson-WW Speedster S Olive... Lamson-WW Speedster S Olive... 2
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NEW FOR 2023New Olive Green colour. Lamson-WW Speedster S reels are excellent reels capable of tackling even the fastest and most persistent salmonids, whether they're on rivers, lakes or reservoirs. Lightweight, strong and reliable reels, machined from solid. Beautiful tools that you can rely on for a very long time. Lamson Waterworks quality, never...
Fly rods

Trout Tight Quarters “The Léguer” 8’6” line 6

Brittany Fly Fishing Custom Fly Rods
“The Léguer” 8’6"#6 is a true all-rounder for medium-sized to large rivers with a specialty to cast bulky flies in narrow spaces.  Very accurate at short, medium and long distances, its length is ideal for most situations found anywhere, also in overgrown territory.The rod can carry all lengths of line or shoot any standard distance and its softer tip and...
A quality fly line at a budget price for those who want to spend less without sacrificing quality.These three-tone weight forward synthetic fly lines are 95' (28.96m) long for the WF-4-F and WF-5-F and 100' (30.48m) for the WF-6-F.The WF-4-F and WF-5-F are an excellent choice for all dry, emergent and nymph fishing strategies in rivers, the WF-6-F is...
Tippet materials & leaders

Neox Fluorocarbon Yarn Seaguar & Yuki

Yuki & Seaguar
The Neox made exclusively by Seaguar for Yuki has outstanding properties.High quality fluorocarbon made in Japan.• Unmatched diameter to strength ratio of 0.04 mm to 0.09 mm A 0.10 mm is equivalent to a 0.14 mm, a 0.23 mm is equivalent to a 0.30 mm.• Almost perfect invisibility and high resistance to abrasion.• A revolutionary line for the demanding fly...

"Fly Back" fly/leader retriever tool Brittany Fly Fishing™

Brittany Fly Fishing™
The "Fly Back" is an ingenious eco-responsible accessory that allows you to recover your fly, but also the end of the leader, the tippet, to which it is attached, which is not biodegradable.We know that fine lines, nylons or fluorocarbons, left in the wild, can cause real torture to birds and small mammals.Recovering your fly is good, but recovering the...
Guideline Experience... Guideline Experience... 2
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Polarized sunglasses

Guideline Experience Sunglasses

Guideline Experience Sunglasses are our top model with quality nylon lenses that provide perfect clarity, very little distortion and maximum light transmission. The frame is modern and timeless and fits just as well in the city as by the river. The shape is slightly bent so that it covers well on the sides against "beam light". The temples have a...

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Guideline Elevation Single... Guideline Elevation Single... 2
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Guideline Elevation Rods utilises the very latest in material and pattern technology, as well as featuring several more environmentally friendly components, these rods are revolutionary. Note the 10'6"#3 Nymph Edition in 6 pieces, a little marvel to make its first steps in the new techniques of the Euro Nymph, also called "Czech Nymph".
Lamson-WW Liquid  Glacier... Lamson-WW Liquid  Glacier... 2
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The Lamson Liquid is a quality product in the cast aluminium reel category, an economical solution for those who are not comfortable with the purchase of a machined reel, and an opportunity for young fly fishermen on a budget.The 3-Pack version includes the reel and 2 spare spools in a compartmented and padded nylon case with carrying handle.A great value...
Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net... Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net... 2
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Landing nets

Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net - River Armor

The Fishpond Emerger Nomad - River Armor is an ideal landing net for the wild trout and grayling angler in medium and large size rivers, suitable for bigger fish.Its extended handle allows to be used from overhanging banks, over obstacles and also when operating from a float tube.A superb tool for releasing our dear partners in the best possible...

Seabass on the fly

Brittany fly fishing

Philippe Dolivet (on the right) - Professionnal fly fishing guide - Sea bass on the fly specialist

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Who better than a professional fly fishing guide in activity, to advise you on the choice of fly fishing equipment whether you are a beginner or an expert?

As a specialist for more than 40 years, I have selected for you the best products from my reference brands to enjoy your passion all around the world.  I have made a thorough selection of high quality and innovative products for you, often tested in the field, in real intensive fishing conditions. Not forgetting the many precious accessories that make your life easier on the water's edge and simplify your practice.

First and foremost a specialist in fly fishing for european sea bass, also offers all the equipment for trout fishing in rivers, lakes and reservoirs, for grayling, for predators and for tropical saltwater fly fishing.

A question comes to your mind? A doubt about your choices, need an advice before completing your order?  Call us during working hours to be advised on the best products for you.

If I'm out guiding on the field, I'll call you back or answer you by e-mail as soon as possible. My wife Lydie manages the shop and shipping. She is a sales professional and you can trust her. 

Philippe Dolivet, founder of Brittany Fly Shop

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