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Keeping a fish to enjoy is part of the fun of our sport.Whether reasonably intentional or accidental, when a fish bleeds and release is not an option, as it often happens when fishing for trout in reservoirs, it is of good sense to store it properly after it has been gutted and washed.The Wychwood Game Bass Bag Catch Retainer is ideal and its waterproof...
Soft elasticated neoprene bands, with Velcro fastening and a rubbersied Wychwood logo pull tab.The band also has a Line ID window so that you can see, at a glance which, which lines are which.This retainer will allow you to keep your line tight and secure on the reel for easy, tangle-free storage.
Wychwood Boatman Boat Bag Wychwood Boatman Boat Bag 2
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Wychwood Boatman Boat Bag

The Wychwood Boatman boat bag is the ultimate bag for lough style boat fishing in lakes and reservoirs, but also for predatory fish.My personal choice as a professional guide specialising in fly fishing for trout in lakes and reservoirs.I have been using the old version of this bag on my Irish boat for over 15 years.Unbeatable
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