Fly, leader & line sinkants

Fly, leader & line sinkants
Fly, leader & line sinkants

Fulling Mill Fullers Mud

Fulling Mill Fullers Mud is THE ultimate degreasing agent to help your tippet sink and prevent leader flash.Mixed in house at Fulling Mill to a unique formula, this is a 'must have' product for any fresh water fly fisher.Indispensable for all stillwater fishing under the surface film. It also degreases polyleaders and fly lines when they tend to remain...
Fly, leader & line sinkants

Snowbee Fly Line Degreaser

Based on an industrial product used to remove greasy film on sheet metal.It removes all traces of silicone or grease, allowing the fly line to cut quickly through surface film.For sub-surface lines only.
Fly, leader & line sinkants

Tiemco Sinking Line Dressing

The Tiemco Sinking Line Dressing degreases any surface and ensures better sinking behaviour of any fly line or leader.A must for stillwater sub-surface fly fishing, with a team of flies or a single pattern.
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