Don't overlook the many fly fishing accessories we offer! You'll find that at the water's edge, they're often a guarantee of efficiency. From the casting basket, capable of securing your lines and making your casts easier, to the pliers for unhooking your fish or crushing your barbs.

The landing net is also an essential item for anglers who want to treat their catches properly. As for the fly box, it allows you to quickly find the perfect fly for all fishing situations, whether in the sea or freshwater.

Ahrex Flexistripper... Ahrex Flexistripper... 2
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The Ahrex Flexistripper is a very interesting alternative to traditional stripping baskets.A very functional stripping and casting platform, it is ideal for all types of fly fishing in shallow or deep wading, in lakes or on the sea.A relevant choice for all those who are attracted by minimalism, without sacrificing performance.I offer blue/clear pegs...
Baetis Lake Fly Rod Holder... Baetis Lake Fly Rod Holder... 2
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Very light steel rod holder for carrying fly rods, ideal for lake and reservoir fishing, when it is necessary to have several rods mounted with different types of lines (floating, intermediate, hover and sinking) and different choices of flies.An essential accessory for competition fly fishing in lakes and reservoirs from the shore.
The "Fly Back" is an ingenious eco-responsible accessory that allows you to recover your fly, but also the end of the leader, the tippet, to which it is attached, which is not biodegradable.We know that fine lines, nylons or fluorocarbons, left in the wild, can cause real torture to birds and small mammals.Recovering your fly is good, but recovering the...
C&F Design Universal System... C&F Design Universal System... 2
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NEW FOR 2023C&F Design Universal System Chest Storage CFA-830 is an innovative solution for those who want to be lighter on the water but still be effective in all situations and fishing conditions. It weighs less than 300 grams! Once again, C&F Design offers a jewel of ingenuity and functionality to fly fishermen, without compromising on the...
C&F Design Light Weight Fly... C&F Design Light Weight Fly... 2
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CFLW series fly cases are designed to become the lightest in market, and what you feel on the shoulder of your vest is the weight of air.Simple magnetic closure contributes to the weight reduction, and the durability of the plastic hinges is proven by rigorous testing both in the lab and in the field.My personal choice of professional river fly fishing...
C&F Design Large 12-Row WP...
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Micro Slit Foam is a concept by C&F Design for improved fly storage.Rows of foam with our patented design hold a wide range of hooks gently but securely.Notches help locate the Micro Slits, making fly organization a breeze.Just insert the hook bend into the slit as illustrated. The C&F Design CF-35656 is ideal for those who want to carry a large...
C&F Design Large Fly Case w...
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Large Waterproof Fly Cases are created for larger flies and more storage space. They are ideal for main pockets of fishing vests or bags. The C&F Design CF-3500 is ideal for organizing trout streamers (snakes, leeches), bass bugs and sea-trout/Atlantic Salmon flies.My personal choice of professional guide, for lake/reservoir streamers and lures, river...
C&F Design Saltwater Tarpon... C&F Design Saltwater Tarpon... 2
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The C&F Design Saltwater Tarpon Fly Case Large  is perfect for larger patterns up to size #3/0, models for Giant Trevally and other jacks, tarpon for which it has been specifically designed and also larger baitfish imitations required for heavier European sea bass and pollack fly fishing strategies with sinking lines (large Clousers, Deceivers and...
C&F Design Saltwater... C&F Design Saltwater... 2
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C&F Designs by now legendary waterproof fly boxes, which are as tough and durable on the outside as they are neat and organized on the inside.The C&F Design Saltwater Bonefish Fly Case Sand | Large is perfect for small flies up to size #2, models for bonefish fishing but also for fine European bass fly fishing stratégies (shrimp and micro shrimps,...
C&F Design Saltwater Permit... C&F Design Saltwater Permit... 2
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The C&F Design Grand Slam Series Permit fly box CFGS-3544 is the perfect solution for medium sized saltwater flies for species like permit, bonefish, snook, triggerfish, seatrout and European seabass. My personal choice of professional guide, for European sea bass and tropical fisheries (Bijagos Islands, Caribbean) Waterproof box protecting flies from...
Pliers and nippers

C&F DESIGN 3-in-1 Clipper (CFA-43)

The CFA-43 3-in-1 Clipper is three tools in one: tippet cutter, threader and eye-cleaner (eyelet piercing tool=needle).In addition, you have three replaceable blades.My personal choice of professional guide
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Cortland's Fly Line Cleaner is the perfect complement to clean, maintain and improve the performance of synthetic lines, especially the New York State brand, but also most synthetic lines.
Amadou sheet DVX Devaux Amadou sheet DVX Devaux 2
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Fly floatant

Amadou sheet DVX Devaux

Amadou is a natural ultra hydrophilic material (which absorbs moisture) which is by far the best for drying and dressing artificial flies and giving them a new, fishy look.This soft and ultra light material does not damage them and leaves nothing on the fibres.My personal choice as a professional fly fishing guide in rivers and lakes.
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