"Fly Back" fly/leader retriever tool...
"Fly Back" fly/leader retriever tool...
"Fly Back" fly/leader retriever tool...
"Fly Back" fly/leader retriever tool...
"Fly Back" fly/leader retriever tool...
"Fly Back" fly/leader retriever tool...
"Fly Back" fly/leader retriever tool...

"Fly Back" fly/leader retriever tool Brittany Fly Fishing™

The "Fly Back" is an ingenious eco-responsible accessory that allows you to recover your fly, but also the end of the leader, the tippet, to which it is attached, which is not biodegradable.

We know that fine lines, nylons or fluorocarbons, left in the wild, can cause real torture to birds and small mammals.

Recovering your fly is good, but recovering the tippet of your leader is even better.

During my career as a river fly fishing guide, I have saved hundreds of flies and tippet (often reusable) with this easy to use tool.

My choice as a professional fly fishing guide.



Fly sellers obviously have an interest in you leaving flies in the trees regularly!

Even though I sell artificial flies, I am not in that frame of mind.

Recovering your fly and leader is an act of responsibility to protect the biodiversity of our wild rivers and economically profitable recycling.

Since I have been using this clever tool (it never leaves the inside pocket of my fly vest), I have clearly saved thousands of euros!

If you fish with fluorocarbon, which is my case, you know that this type of tippet material, made from polyvinylidene fluoride or PVDF, takes many, many years to degrade in the environment.

It is therefore essential not to leave anything in the branches.

Another interest, a fishing one, is to be able to get back THE fly with which you fish successfully.
How many times have we experienced the frustration of leaving our last miracle fly in the trees!

We can also save precious fishing time because we can also save the entire leader, which avoids the frustrating reconstruction of a new one in the middle of a feeding frenzy on the surface. And we know it doesn't last!

Directions for use
The aim, where possible, is to flex the branches towards you to gently unhook the fly and untangle the leader.

To do this, place the spur of the tool in the tip ring and put the hook on the branch to get a firm grip and then pull the leader.
The rod is held in the right hand and the lineyard/cord in the left hand (the opposite for left-handed people).

The hook should preferably be placed over a fork to ensure a firm grip on the bark before pulling.

I advise to place the rod outside the possible return axis of the tool to avoid a shock on the blank.

If the leader is not broken, give slack or hand the rod over to your fishing partner.

On the other hand, it is advisable to be careful not to suffer the "blow of the return" when pulling strong. Caps and glasses are recommended.

It is usually easy to recover the "Fly Back" by shaking the cord or if necessary, by releasing the tool with the tip ring.
A little practice is required, but once mastered, it adds to the challenge of the fishing action.

When the fly and/or the leader are stuck on dead branches, you can also break them off by pulling a sharp stroke.

Be careful not to stay underneath!

In any case, if you have to pull hard, I advise you to use leather gardening gloves or equivalent and to wrap the cord/lineyard around your palm. This avoids damaging your hands!

Technical characteristics
Anodised aluminium hook, laser cut in Brittany.

Weight: 13 gr. 20 gr. with the cord/lineyard.

Inside width of hook: 25 mm
Depth of hook: 20 mm
Length of the spur: 10 mm

Cord/lineyard breaking strength: 270 kg tensile strength.

Supplied with 3 metres of Ø 2 mm (0.08") cord/lineyard with 270 kg tensile strength.

Packed in a small "waterproof" pouch with illustrated instructions (see photos).

"Fly Back" Brittany Fly Fishing™
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