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Omnispool LineCarebox

A complementary accessory to the ingenious Omnispool Switchbox systemTo be used with a line care product such as SA Fly Line Dressing or Loon Line Speed/StreamLine
Optional snap on Arbor Spacers offer a choice of two larger arbor sizes; useful for smaller fly lines and now popular amongst conventional anglers storing and switching braid lines in particular. 
Omnispool’s Arbor Spacers for the Omnispool system speeds loading and reduces line memory from tight winding. Spare fly lines are spooled, stored and packed, not to mention accessibly tangle free when you need them, in a jiffy. Easily snaps into your Omnispools (sold separately).
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An absolutely brilliant accessory for quickly changing a line on a reel.Particularly interesting for temperate or tropical sea fishing where it is not always possible to carry several rod-reel-line sets, regardless of the not inconsiderable cost of replacement spools on "top of the range" saltwater fly reels. With the Switchbox system, a single rod and...
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