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Florian's Olive Emerger EM4 is one of the best imitations of the subimagos (duns) of small grey olive-bodied mayflies and especially baetidae (Baetis rhodani, scambus, vernus...) whether spring or autumn, the latter often being darker. It is also a good imitation of the lake olives: Cloeon simile and dipterum. Its upright CDC wing is a perfect imitation...
CDC Khaki Mayfly Florian C9K
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The Florian CDC Khaki C9K mayfly is a real trout and grayling magnet.It really is the small mayfly imitation you pull out when all the classics have been ignored.It has often proved to be a miracle pattern on my guiding sessions, whether for wild brown trout (in Brittany and elsewhere) or for grayling, particularly on the chalk-streams of southern England...
The Hare's Ear CDC Florian C9 is an all-purpose fly that can be used for both trout and grayling.It also works in lakes and reservoirs when trout are picking up buzzers on the surface It is an emerging pattern that can imitate a mayfly, a diptera or even a terrestrial insect. Carefully crafted by professional fly tyer Florian from the finest natural...
CDC Mayfly Florian M213 CDC Mayfly Florian M213 2
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CDC Mayfly Florian M213

A classic Mayfly (Ephemera danica) subimago imitation made with care by professional fly tyer Florian from the best natural materials from his own farm: • Collar in dyed CDC• Silk body ribbed with a natural peacock quill • Pardo rooster wing bow fibre tail• Tied on chemically sharpened carbon hooks with an incomparable pointHandcrafted in France.
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