Custom Brittany Fly Fishing fly rods

It’s a project that has been in the back of my head for years and that has now become real, for my great pleasure as well as the pleasure of my customers. I have 15 models on offer, all in travel-friendly 4 pieces, custom-made with passion in the heart of Europe, from a little fiberglass 7’7”#4-weight to a 11’6”#5-weight Switch rod.

With my input, this rod series will encompass most every situation found on the water in my region, from small to medium-sized to large streams, natural lakes and man-made reservoirs to salmon and shad fishing as well as pike/predator fishing. For the salt, a series of three rods will complete the lineup. It took a number of prototypes and a lot of testing and casting to figure out the selection. Only the best components, sourced from various origins, have been chosen to manufacture some very pretty custom rods, great casting and fishing tools for almost every situation imaginable.

As every rod is hand built, it will take a good 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture once ordered. Several options are possible (thread wrap colors, choice of guides and reel seats) and a full warranty is possible as well via payment of a nominal fee. It will also be possible to repair a damaged rod in a matter of a few days, or even replace a broken section.

I can safely say that these rods compare with the best names in the US or on Europe, yet will be offered are intermediate rates but with hi-end and/or deluxe service, to suit anyone’s gusto.

Shoes must be tried on and rods must be test cast to get an idea of what they are like and capable under real-life conditions. I have every single rod model ready at my customer’s disposal, also when guiding and travelling. They have widely proven their worth and will be with me whenever I can be found on the water.

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